Damien McLaughlin

8th Dan

Sensei Damien McLaughlin 8th Dan is the Warriors Chief Instructor.

He has trained in the Shukokai style since 1972 & on 28th April 2013 he attained his 8th Dan.


Starting his Karate training at the YMCA in Manchester city centre under Sensei Steve Powell.

In 1977 he attained his 1st Dan (Shodan) & 2 years later his 2nd Dan (Nidan) both under the legendary Sensei Shigeru Kimura.


Damien has always been good at Kata and could pick up new Kata’s easily. He has been the SKU Kata champion & on numerous occasions he has been in amongst the finalist in both SKU & OPEN tournaments.

His fighting “Kumite” capabilities were also of a good level. Sensei Damien soon became a regular senior member of the SKU Shukokai Karate Union England Squad.

The SKU England Squad was coached at the time by Sensei Eddie Daniels 9th Dan and managed by Sensei Stan Knighton 10th Dan.

In 1980 Sensei Damien was a member of the EKB England team coached by Sensei Ticky Donovan


Sensei Damien recently retired after many years as a Karate competition judge and referee. During this part of his career he held the post of Chief Referee for the SKU. Organising and officiating their highly respected National and Open Karate tournaments.

In 2008, he also was a fully qualified and accredited WUKF World Union of Karate Federation Referee, Officiating both home and abroad.

Since Sensei Damien hung up his whistle, he now prefers to focus on teaching and preparing his students for competition. His many years of experience as a competitor and referee now prove invaluable in this role.

In 2020 the Corona virus decimated the SKU and Sensei Damien decided to move his club to the British Combat Karate Association (BCKA). The Chief Instructor of the BCKA, Sensei Peter Consterdine 9th Dan, was a founder member of the SKU back in 1969 and someone Sensei Damien knew had the experience and knowledge that could help his club improve.