Meet our Mascots, Hiro & Yoshi. 
You automatically become one of our #little_hiros when you join our Junior Warriors.

‘Hiro’ 寛 is a masculine Japanese name that means generous & tolerant.
Below are a few of his likes/loves, personal preferences.

Favourite Colour: Red
Favourite Food: Udon Noodles
Favourite Drink: Calpico
Favourite Clothes: Shinobi Shozoku
Favourite Music: Pop
Favourite Song: Sia “Alive”
Favourite Movie: Karate Kid
Favourite Martial Artist: Rafael Aghayev
Favourite Musical: Lion King


‘Yoshi’ 良 is a feminine Japanese name meaning “good, virtuous, respectable”.
Below are a few of her likes/loves, personal preferences.

Favourite Colours: Pink & Purple
Favourite Food: Tofu
Favourite Drink: Okinawa Shiikuwasa Citrus.
Favourite Clothes: Kimono
Favourite Music: J-Pop
Favourite Song: Night Core “Girls Like You”
Favourite Movie: Teenage Ninja Turtles
Favourite Martial Artist: Mahiro Takana
Favourite Musical: Wicked

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