7 – 17 years old



We teach Karate which is a Japanese Martial Art.
Karate challenges you both physically and mentally.
This being just one of the many benefits.
The mental discipline required to learn karate along with the physical requirements, all help our students to lead healthier lives.


I can expect learning in a structured format followed by most martial arts. Helps our young students to develop their overall skills. How to learn, by paying attention, and how to practise repeatedly to get good at what they do.
All of which is required and essential if they are to succeed in their every day lives. This no different to a school environment and later on at work.


There is no secret that students of martial arts go on to improve in their behaviour. And improve in other walks of life. Including in their academic attainment at school all as a direct result.
Students learn the ability to work and practise both as individuals and with others.
Karate helps all our Junior Warriors to grow stronger, achieve more both mentally and physically.


Every new students ability to learn karate is dependent on the respected individual. Just as some children can develop earlier than others. Likewise some senior students are more active and fitter than others.

At warriors we have years of experience. We understand how to deliver our teaching in the best way to suit and cater for each individual’s ability. Furthermore in a way that everyone is made to feel included and safe. We suit the pace of practice to remain comfortable for them.

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Karate may be suitable for one person and not the other. If you have any concerns or want to discuss special needs then please don’t hesitate to contact our: Chief Instructor Sensei Damien McLaughlin 8th Dan Call Now 07504 858963


Why not take us up on our beginners Special Offer! FIRST4FREE as this is the ideal way to get an introduction to karate. Without the financial commitment, allowing you to make the right choice for you and your child.