Warriors Karate

What do you need to know?


Rochdale Warriors Karate Club teaches both adults and children the Shukokai style of Karate.
Warriors Chief Instructor is Sensei Damien McLaughlin 8th Dan.
Damien has over 45 years, learning, competing and teaching under his belt.

Our classes are open to beginners and experienced Karate-ka alike.
Opportunities are available to join either our:

Junior Warriors ages 7 to 17,
or our

Seasoned Warriors aged 18 to 80.

Safe Guarding


Training sessions begin with warm ups and stretching exercises.
Followed by a balanced, structured mix of teaching. All provided in accordance with the SKU Shukokai Karate Union. The SKU official grading syllabus. This is approved by their head and Chief Instructor Stan Knighton 10th Dan.

Warriors karate syllabus includes the 3 “K’s” of Karate.

Kihon (basic techniques). Striking, blocking and evading.

Kata (form) a combination of moves designed to practise and perfect, both defensive along with attacking moves. 

Kumite (sparring/fighting), Karate sparring or fighting is taught and is practised regularly in the club. Kumite is also practised for grading for competing in tournaments. Karate Kumite brings together all what you have learned including kihon and kata together with so much more.

Kumite is often considered to be the object of learning karate. To attain the ability to defend one’s self. Including those you love and care for. Being the primary aim of many practitioners. However it can be beneficial in so many other ways. Not least to get you healthy, and subsequently, keep you healthy, by ultimately keeping you fighting fit.


Warriors teaches both traditional and sport aspects of karate. Coaching and preparing karate students to compete in karate tournaments is covered in our lessons and training programme. Preparations needed to compete either as individuals, in pairs or as the members of a team are included.

Warriors have coached many champions over the years. Currently we have several national medal winning students, who you will find train regularly at the club. We believe to fulfil your full potential it’s important to learn from the best, and in turn train with the best. As a result with WARRIORS you will be assured of doing just that.

You are always welcome to come along to training and see what we do before you join. Should you want to ask any questions or discuss specifics, try to arrive a good 15 minutes before training.
Please be aware we have an introductory offer of providing you with your first four lessons for free!
Giving you the opportunity to try out Karate properly before you join fully.


Warriors is proud to be a true family club first and foremost, a business last.
Also we are proud to have several families train with us. Including three generations of the same family from grandfather to son-in-law and grandson.

For further information, please don’t hesitate to take a look at our other pages on our website. Similarly check out our Facebook page, or contact Sensei Damien directly by email or telephone… all our contact details are on the top of each page of this website.

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