Seasoned Warriors

17 – 80 years old


We teach Karate which is a Japanese Martial Art.
Karate challenges you both physically and mentally.
This being just one of the many benefits when learning and practising karate.
The mental discipline required to learn karate along with the physical attributes required.
Will all aid in the overall improvement to your health & fitness.
Join us and get fighting fit.

get fitter | faster | stronger.


Whether you’re a beginner or experienced in another style of karate or martial art, you are more than welcome!
We have adult students who train with us regularly from far and wide, from differing styles and other clubs.

Warriors is an attractive club for many reasons, whether you’re: new to or returning to tatami to train; following an extended break or improving your capabilities; preparing for an impending tournament or brushing up on skills for an upcoming grading.
Whatever your reason you are more than welcome to join us at Warriors.


Learning karate is suitable for helping you to develop and maintain both physical and mental agility.
It’s proved to be a great way to shake off the stresses we all face in today’s modern world i.e. the pressures of both work and modern home life.


A good workout in our dojo will go a long way to meet all your fitness aims and objectives, both mental and physical in respect. Ultimately to help you lead a healthier fitter life overall. Seasoned Warriors of all ages and backgrounds pay testament to this. All our warriors train hard to get fighting fit, to ultimately live stronger, and hopefully live longer.



Work at your pace. We are used to teaching students of all ages and abilities. If you’re a tryer you will not have any problem training at Warriors. You will fit right in at our inclusive and friendly club.

Karate may be suitable for one person and not the other. If you have any concerns or want to discuss special needs then please don’t hesitate to contact our: Chief Instructor Sensei Damien McLaughlin 8th Dan Call Now 07504 858963


Why not take us up on our beginners Special Offer!
FIRST4FREE as this is the ideal way to get an introduction to karate without the financial commitment. Allowing you to make the right informed choice for you.