WARRIORS will teach you the “Shukokai” Style of Karate (修交会 shūkõkai “the way for all”).

  1. Basic techniques i.e. blocks, punches, kicks.

    KATA (form)

    KUMITE fighting & sparring.

We advise that you turn up wearing a t-shirt and track suit bottoms. Be prepared to train in bare feet. After a few weeks you should purchase a karate suit and any equipment as advised by the instructor.

Karate lessons are held on:

Tuesday 8pm  – 9:30pm

Saturday 12 – 1:30pm

You can contact:

Sensei Damien McLaughlin 8th Dan Chief Instructor.

Call: 07504 858963

Email:  info@rochdalewarriors.co.uk

£20 Annual membership.

£5 per karate lesson.

We do compete but we are selective in choosing which tournaments we compete in.

It is a requirement that evidence of your grade should be produced for inspection, this must be in the form of a Karate licence where the grade has been endorsed by a grading officer.

Grading including belt colours can vary from style to style and association to association. Therefore with this in mind the equivalent grade may differ.

Our Chief Instructor Sensei Damien McLaughlin 8th Dan is able to evaluate and approve your grading as accepted.

For further information please contact Sensei Damien to discuss the process for gaining approval.

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